Why Sponsor?

Why Sponsor? 

Education changes things.

Less than 2% of teen mothers who have a child before age 18 will complete college before age 30This means that the vast majority of teen parents are likely to be living in poverty with their children.  On average, individuals who do not have a bachelor’s degree earn $26,000 less annually than college graduates.  Low wages can result in difficulty providing for a child, living in safe and stable housing, and providing adequate healthcare.  In fact, children born to unmarried, high school dropout, teen mothers are 10 times more likely to live in poverty.  By helping teen parent achieve post-secondary education, you are changing the outcomes for their entire family.



Your giving is long lasting.

When you become a Sponsor, you can rest assured that the effects of your giving will not only impact a teen parent but also their child.  Research shows that parents’ educational level when their child is eight years old significantly predicts educational and occupational success for the child 40 years later.  This means that sponsoring a Scholar will increase the economic stability for a young parent and will directly contribute to the academic and professional outcomes for their child as much as 40 years in the future.  That is long lasting.

Our community needs us.  Here in the D.C. area, poverty is a pressing issue.  One in five D.C. residents is living at or below the poverty line.  We need innovative solutions to reducing poverty.  Generation Hope is an innovative solution. 

Direct, hands-on giving feels good. 

You don't often get to have a relationship with the individual who benefits from your philanthropy,.  We believe this is the most fulfilling experience that you can have as a donor and volunteer. You will see the effects of your giving impacting the life of a young parent and the life of their child because you're meeting with them on a monthly basis, chatting via phone or email every other week, and walking in this journey of educational achievement together.  

Lasting friendships and strong bonds are forged through the Scholar Program.  Any young parent in our program will tell you that the emotional support that they receive through Generation Hope far outweighs the financial support.  That is the important role you play as a Generation Hope Sponsor. 

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