Meet Our Sponsors

Meet Our Sponsors

It takes a dedicated and caring person to Sponsor a Generation Hope Scholar, and we've got the best of the best.  Read more about the individuals who are investing both their time and money in the potential of teen parents and their children through our Scholar Program.

I knew that this was something I had to do. It’s an amazing program.
— Sponsor Aisha Mix

Financial Sponsors

These are the generous individuals, companies, and organizations that provide sponsorships and allow others in the community to mentor our Scholars.   

  • Judy Family Foundation
  • Carol Trawick
  • Hager Sharp
  • Bill Craig
  • Karen and Jim Nussle
  • Katie Griswold
  • Leora Willis
  • Karrie McMillan
  • Marisol Murphy-Ballantyne
  • Modern Technology Solutions
  • Brandon Mumby
  • Susan Henderson
  • Julia Korenman
  • Gayle Skinner
  • Marlene Bradford
  • Georgia Hoyler

Generation Hope Sponsor Alumni

  • Karrie McMillan
  • Suzanne Simpson
  • Angela Greene
  • Aisha Mix
  • Valerie Young
  • Diana Stoltsfuz
  • Tracey Hoston
  • Karen Goodwin
  • Ghana Kelly
  • Wuraola Ogunbunmi
  • Kimberly Litherland
  • Kimberly Korbel
  • Marisol Murphy-Ballantyne
  • Nakiya Showell
  • Darcy Sawatzki
  • Daniel Menasce
  • Erin Krivicky
  • Jen Rampulla
  • Megan Bleil
  • Bonnie Powell
  • Kaitlyn Kinsey
  • Ann-Marie Waterman
  • Kerry- Ann Hamilton
  • Deirdre Donahue
  • Cat Swezey
  • Amy Loder
  • Yeneisha Greene