Meet Our Scholars

Meet the Future

Our Scholars are among the most ambitious and driven college students you will ever meet.  They are all parenting while pursuing two and four-year degrees.  Learn more about them.   

Featured Scholar:  Ambar Campos

Ambar with her daughter, Gabby.

Ambar with her daughter, Gabby.

"I am most proud of how far I’ve come in life. I was 14 and pregnant. Everyone said I was never going to do anything in life. I didn’t let that determine who I am as a person. Now I’m 18, starting my second year in college while having my beautiful daughter by my side. This is my biggest accomplishment."


2011 "Prima" Scholar Class

2012 "Impleti" Scholar Class

2013 "Mollitiam" Scholar Class

2014 "Incipiens" Scholar Class

Generation Hope Scholar Alumna