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Our Scholars are among the most ambitious and driven college students you will ever meet.  They are all parenting while pursuing two and four-year degrees.  Learn more about them.   

in memoriam:  Zoruan Otto Harris

Scholar Zoruan Otto Harris

Scholar Zoruan Otto Harris

Zoruan was a very special person. He had a smile that could light up a room— everyone who met him noticed that smile! No matter how challenging things were, or how many challenges he faced in working towards his college degree, he never stopped pushing forward and he never lost his positive attitude."


2011 "Prima" Scholar Class

2012 "Impleti" Scholar Class

2013 "Mollitiam" Scholar Class

2014 "Incipiens" Scholar Class

2015 "Audax" Scholar Class

2016 "Novus Via" Scholar class

Generation Hope Scholar Alumna