Meet our Summer Program Intern, Helei!

My name is Helei Gomariz, and I am so excited to be spending my summer in Washington D.C. and working as an intern for Generation Hope. I have spent my high school, and  two years (so far) of college in Tallahassee Florida, where I completed the IB program. I am currently a junior at Florida State University studying International Affairs, Political Science, and the Middle East. What inspired me to pursue an internship at Generation Hope is my high school experience. I attended a large, predominantly low-income high school with a small subsection of those who were enrolled in the IB program. Teen pregnancy was a common occurrence in the school, along with physical violence and sexual harassment. These students came from families without a college education and did not expect to be able to obtain one. Generation Hope works to change the stigmas associated with teen pregnancy and prove that, with the power of an inspirational and comprehensive support system, a college degree is obtainable to those who have experienced exceptional hardships.

Happy #NationalVolunteerMonth!

 "Hope Stroll" Planning Committee member, Alex Stanton (second from the right), and a group of volunteers working hard the day of the Stroll!

"Hope Stroll" Planning Committee member, Alex Stanton (second from the right), and a group of volunteers working hard the day of the Stroll!

Meet “Hope Stroll” Planning Committee ALLSTAR, Alex Stanton!

Alex found out about Generation Hope through her work on a grant review committee at the Community Foundation for the National Capitol Region. Generation Hope was one of the nonprofits that stuck out to her during this review, “The mission and rapid success inspired me, so I joined the planning committee for the annual “Hope Stroll” in order to do my part to empower the ambitious Scholars. I was excited to play a small role in building a community of support for people who need it most and often lack it.” Alex loves hearing the stories of the Generation Hope Scholars who didn’t listen to those telling them they couldn’t do something and instead believed in themselves and had enough confidence to find resources like Generation Hope to help them achieve their dreams. Alex sees Generation Hope as a “…source of light for people who feel like they have no options but want to improve their situation for themselves and their child(ren). The Scholars come from a variety of backgrounds, but everyone can use a network like Generation Hope for encouragement, support, and connections with others who are going through a similar experience. I think this empowers them to make it through whatever obstacles stand in their way.” 

Interested in helping to plan next year's "Hope Stroll"?! We'd love to have you! For more info: Development and Events Manager, Jesseca Myers,

Interested in volunteering with Generation Hope? We'd love to have you! For more info: Program Coordinator, Silvana Rueda,

Meet our Urban Alliance Intern, Chelsea!

Hi! My name is Chelsea Campbelle. I am currently a high school senior at Friendship Collegiate Academy.  I am also an Urban Alliance intern who will be working alongside the beautiful ladies of Generation Hope through the summer.

I am very excited  to learn the process behind working with a non-profit organization, especially one that is so invested in motivating and supporting a group of scholars that the world was ready to knock down and throw to the wayside. I believe that working at Generation Hope will not only  open my eyes to the business side and underlying work that nonprofits do, but it will also help me to better myself as a human being and give me a new perspective on what the world looks like for some people.



 Chelsea (right) with another Generation Hope intern, Britney, at our 2017 "Hope Stroll"!

Chelsea (right) with another Generation Hope intern, Britney, at our 2017 "Hope Stroll"!

Meet Development Intern, Briana!

My name is Briana Huie. I am currently at Junior at Trinity Washington University studying Global Business. Also, I'm currently interning for Generation Hope and working at the Office Of Personnel Management. I am a Super Mom to the best kid ever, my son Jaden. Being a mother, working, and in school full time definitely has its challenges, but programs such as Generation Hope have given me the extra love and support that I need as I finish my journey. I thought to myself, with being part of such a wonderful program who helps me out with day to day life, why not give back and intern at their office? While interning I hope to learn how nonprofit organizations make things happen. I get the best hands on experience which I'm sure I will be able to use in my future career. I've always been passionate about helping others, and working along side of the best hard working staff ever I couldn't be more excited to be a Scholar of the program and intern at the same time. To any teenage mother out there- the sky is the limit don't let anything or anyone put a limit on your dreams. 

Meet our new intern, Chloe!

My name is Chloe Barnard. My hometown is in Asheville, North Carolina. I am excited to explore Washington D.C this semester. I will be joining the Generation Hope team as the Spring Intern. I am a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill majoring in Public Policy. I am currently enrolled in the Honors Public Policy Program in Washington D.C.

I looked predominantly for education related internships in my initial search. I felt the most excited about Generation Hope after my interviews. I liked that this organization has a very specific goal for its outcome. Many organizations provide emotional or financial support for teen parents, which is extremely important. However, I like that Generation Hope provides both the emotional and financial support, with a specific outcome of college attainment. Further, I look forward to learning about the inner workings of a non-profit organization.

Fun facts: I lived in Taipei, Taiwan for the first six years of my life. I go every other year to visit my mom’s side of the family and to practice my Mandarin Chinese. In addition, I went to Shanghai, China for my spring semester in 2016. If you have any questions about Chinese or Taiwanese culture, or Mandarin Chinese feel free to talk to me! I look forward to meeting everyone in the Generation Hope Family!