Welcome Program Intern Eve!


Hi everyone! My name is Eve Grill and I am so excited to be the Program Intern this summer! I am a rising junior at the College of William & Mary, majoring in Government and English. I love nature and being surrounded by people who make me want to be a better human. I am a self-proclaimed coffee addict and think laughter is the most beautiful sound in the world. At school, I am involved in my sorority, as well as Griffin School Partnerships (GSP) and Camp Kesem. This past year, I was the Communications and Logistics Coordinator for GSP, and got to engage with schools and communities within the Williamsburg area on a meaningful and enlightening level. I also currently serve on the Coord Board of Camp Kesem, a camp dedicated to supporting children through and beyond a parent’s cancer. I work as a co-development coordinator to find fundraising opportunities in order to make the Kesem magic a reality every summer. Long term, I hope to find meaning in whatever I do, and above all, be happy. I am ecstatic to be a part of the Generation Hope team and be surrounded by people who are driven, compassionate, intelligent, and welcoming! In joining this team, I am certain I will find mentors who will help me along my journey in finding what brings me the greatest sense of meaning and purpose for my future.