Meet our Summer Program Intern, Helei!

My name is Helei Gomariz, and I am so excited to be spending my summer in Washington D.C. and working as an intern for Generation Hope. I have spent my high school, and  two years (so far) of college in Tallahassee Florida, where I completed the IB program. I am currently a junior at Florida State University studying International Affairs, Political Science, and the Middle East. What inspired me to pursue an internship at Generation Hope is my high school experience. I attended a large, predominantly low-income high school with a small subsection of those who were enrolled in the IB program. Teen pregnancy was a common occurrence in the school, along with physical violence and sexual harassment. These students came from families without a college education and did not expect to be able to obtain one. Generation Hope works to change the stigmas associated with teen pregnancy and prove that, with the power of an inspirational and comprehensive support system, a college degree is obtainable to those who have experienced exceptional hardships.