Communications and Events Manager, Brianna!


As the daughter of teen parents, Brianna is no stranger to the adversities that young family's face. During her time pursuing a Fine Arts degree, Brianna pledged herself to the Delta Gamma Sorority and volunteered with diverse adolescent based organizations. She used her passion for the arts and equestrian background to teach children unique ways of channeling emotions. During her time at Pittsburg State University Brianna assisted in the construction of several Artist Exhibitions, one of which was attended and recorded by the Smithsonian. Brianna is humbled by the opportunity to build upon the experience learned during her studies and her direct connection with Generation Hope’s Scholars. During her free time Brianna enjoys horseback riding, painting, and hiking. She shares her life with her former military husband and three dogs.

Ceci n’est pas une pipe. “

”This is not a pipe
— Rene Magritte
The word is not the thing. All representations of a thing are inherently abstract. You see the pipe, but you can not know the pipe. What you think you know about the pipe is a fabrication, you know nothing of the pipe for that’s not its full truth.