Senior Spotlight: Liliana Aquino

This week we sat down with Scholar Liliana who graduated from Marymount University with a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice! Currently working in the courts system, Lilly is excited about all things criminal justice and is looking forward to what the future holds for her and her son, Luis. Read more about Lilly's journey and how she made it to and through college. 

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I’m currently working in my field, in the court system and when I grow up I want to work for a government agency. I like several things involving criminal justice. 

What are your life goals?

Just to do something I love, work doing something I love while being able to provide for my son. Ensure that he has everything he needs. Have a house, have my son and be self-sufficient.

Why do you love Generation Hope?

I love Generation Hope because I love my sponsor, Karrie McMillan, she’s great and she’s amazing. Anytime I need advice or suggestions she is there and gives me great advice. She helps me think through problems. I can tell her anything and she and my son care about each other so much. He jumps into her arms when he sees her and he is so happy and excited when we meet up with her. Generation Hope is a family and has your best interest at heart.

How did Generation Hope help you reach your goal of graduating college?

They provided me with a lot of workshops, and things that go beyond the classroom. Financial support and training's to help improve my parenting skills. The additional support has helped my grades increase every semester I’ve been in the program.

What motivates you?

My son. I really hope that he takes my example and sees education is extremely important. Education didn’t just teach me what’s in a textbook, it taught me about myself and taught me to come out of my shell.

What's a challenge you faced that Generation Hope helped you overcome?

Time management. Workshops on time management really helped me overcome this. I sat down and thought through how I organize my time.

Your favorite quote and why it's your favorite quote

“God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers”.  My mom was devastated when we found out I was pregnant and thought we’d never come back from that. I just graduated college and it was a big dream of hers. If I hadn’t had my son, Luis, I wouldn’t have graduated. We have to overcome the struggles to succeed in life. Before Luis I never pictured myself in college and after I just knew I had to go to school, there was no question.

Meet Liliana and the rest of our Scholars at our 2016 "Pep Rally Under the Stars" on June 24th. For more information CLICK HERE. Join us and help us help other teen parents like Liliana realize their dreams and that they can accomplish anything when someone believes in them. If you have any questions about our gala, please contact Development and Events Manager, Jesseca Myers at