Meet our spring intern, Liana!

Hi! My name is Liana Novak and I am Generation Hope's new Spring Program Intern!

I am from South Lake Tahoe California but currently pursuing a Child Development degree at California State University, Northridge. After graduation, I hope to continue my education and study occupational therapy in a doctoral program. Occupational therapy fascinates me because it's a way of helping people with activities that we usually take for granted. Life is too short to take things for granted and that is why Generation Hope is important.  Generation Hope sees the ambition and drive in each Scholar and in the meantime every Scholar looks for opportunities to succeed in order to provide for their family. Both Scholars and Generation Hope are working together to make sure that every family has the ability to spend quality time in appreciating life! I am the oldest of five children and the relationships I have built with my siblings and parents are some of the most important and absolutely a huge aspect in my life!  

I love to travel to new areas of the world and I have been fortunate to visit Australia, France and a few countries in between.  I look forward to meeting new people and trying new things in the next few months while interning at Generation Hope!