Why I Give

Keisha Pierce is a William and Mary Alum, the Manager of Talent at Appletree Early Learning Charter Institute, and a Generation Hope ‘Hope Corps’ Member. 

Keisha first heard of Generation Hope when Founder and CEO, Nicole Lynn Lewis, was featured in William and Mary’s Alumni magazine. As someone who works in education, she was drawn to of Generation Hope’s mission, as she believes everyone should “have the same opportunity for education.”  When I asked Keisha about her motivation to become a Hope Corps Member, she said, “really, it’s about the kids, how open and bright they are.” She also said that it’s about “providing opportunities for their parents.” Keisha is inspired to “make sure everyone is living their best lives, and everyone has a chance. Not everyone has a mentor, not everyone has someone to help them.”

The older Keisha gets, the more she realizes how impactful it is to be a regular contributor to her volunteer engagements—to actively get to know people, and show all the ways she can be available. She is excited about the Hope Corps: “I’m able to come to every event that I can and offer my services. Oh, you can call Keisha and she’ll be there.” She’s looking forward to “starting relationships, which is important for the kids, and for volunteering and being one of those stable people you can count on.”


The Hope Corps is Generation Hope’s revamped childcare program. The first orientation for new members was on November 4th where Hope Corps Members learned about Generation Hope’s work, mission, and childcare philosophy. They also learned more about their unique role in helping Generation Hope achieve its mission; by providing high quality childcare at every Scholar training, Hope Corps Members make it possible for Scholars to concentrate on learning crucial college- and career-readiness skills. Silvana Rueda, Generation Hope’s Program Coordinator, emphasized this last point in the training: “It’s volunteers like Hope Corps Members who make it possible for us to train our Scholars, so that they can have success in college and beyond.”

On November 14, 2015, Hope Corps Members got the chance to put their passion into action at the fall In-Service Training for Scholars and Sponsors, held at Montgomery College. According to Silvana Rueda, “Hope Corps Members showed up on time, ready to jump into action. They were doing everything from helping our Scholar’s children to make holiday cards to playing ‘Duck Duck Goose. All Hope Corps Members who showed up that day were game for anything and everything.”  Childcare ran seamlessly that day, as a result of the enthusiasm and commitment of Hope Corps Members. If you have the energy and desire to make a difference in the lives of our Scholars and their children, please consider joining the Hope Corps! To learn more, contact Program Coordinator Silvana Rueda at or 240-343-4286.