So who are your Scholars anyway?

Here at Generation Hope, two questions that we hear frequently are “where do your Scholars come from?” and “who are they?”  So, we thought we’d answer these questions here!
Teen pregnancy is not just an issue in cities, or in rural areas, or among certain groups of people. The need for teen parents to be able to access higher education is pressing across many demographics. Our Scholars are living in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia (two in D.C., five in MD, and four in VA), and they are currently attending 8 colleges and universities.  We are in the process of recruiting 10 more Scholars, and they too will come from all across the Washington, D.C. area.  
So, who are our Scholars?  All but one are raising one child while attending college (one Scholar is raising two children).  Many are the first in their family to attend college, which means that they are working hard to prove the stereotypes about teen parents wrong and to start a new tradition of educational achievement in their families.  The average incoming GPA of the 2012 Scholar class was an impressive 3.5/4.0. They have the same goals, aspirations, and fears as many college students and parents—they want to achieve their dreams, spend time with their children, be good providers, and have access to fulfilling career opportunities.  
And who will our Scholars be in the future?  Generation Hope is committed not only to providing services for teen parents who currently enrolled in our program, but also to reaching out to the wider community of pregnant and expectant teens and helping them realize that college is a real option for them. In 2012, we held 10 college readiness workshops, reaching 71 pregnant and parenting students, some of whom we hope will be future Generation Hope Scholars! In 2013, we are reaching out to even more young parents, spreading the word that college is a viable option for them and empowering them to beat the odds. Our Scholars have done just that—despite the unique challenges they face as teen parents, they are thriving in their degree programs, becoming more capable parents, more confident students, and creating stronger bonds in the process. 
Interested in sponsoring a teen parent who will enter our program in July?  Click here.
- Caroline, Program Manager