Top 5 Reasons to Become a Sponsor

Thinking of becoming a Generation Hope Sponsor?  Everyone has a reason or a story about what or who got them involved. We've come up with the top 5 reasons you should submit your application today!

1. Mentoring works!  Mentoring is one of the key components of being a Generation Hope Sponsor.  Mentoring provides a direct relationship between the Sponsor and Scholar that is personalized and specific to their needs and development.  Scholars receive comfort in knowing that they have someone "in their corner" to help them acheive their goals. 

"It's like there's a whole circle of people who believe I can succeed, cheering me on." - Jennifer Ramirez, Scholar Class PRIMA 2011 & University of Maryland Alum '12 

2. Make a lasting impact in someone's life.  By becoming a Sponsor, you will experience a rewarding and personal connection that has a direct impact on a young parent's ability to reach their educational goals and provide for their family.  This impact will trickle down into the lives of their children and impact generations to come.

"...she reminds me that what I do is important not just for myself or my family but for others and for future generations." -Donna Fleming, 2011 Generation Hope Sponsor

3. Do something meaningful and rewarding. "Invest in ONE person - a family member, friend, co-worker, mentee, whoever! - and it will make a world of difference in the community and in your own life." - Julie Kwon, 2012 Generation Hope Sponsor

4. Help someone see his or her own gifts.  A great Sponsor can help someone to navigate through the complicated maze of college, their career, parenting or just life in general.  Help Scholars tap into their potential to secure stable and successful futures.  

"With the help of Donna, my Generation Hope family...I have been able to successfully manage my life and career goals." -Zataunia Heard, Scholar Class PRIMA 2011

5. It’s fun! We love to party! At Generation Hope we are a BIG family.  We provide several family strengthing activities and social gatherings for Sponsor, Scholars, and their children to get together and create bonding experiences.  To see some of our past events, click here to visit our gallery!

Becoming a Generation Hope Sponsor provides you with a hands-on, direct support experience with our Scholars.  As a Sponsor you will be matched with a teen parent who is attending college in the D.C. Meto Area.  Through this mentoring relationship, you will be able to provide guidance, advice and financial support that will assist them in earning their college degree and beginning a career.  Your efforts and dedication will have a lasting impact on our Scholars, their families, and our communities.

In addition to emotional support, the Generation Hope Sponsorship includes a financial contribution that goes directly toward the Scholar’s tuition. 

Want to learn more about this great opportunity?  Join us for our Sponsor Open House on February 28, 2013!  Click here for more details and to register for this event.