Make Your Voice Heard: Review a Charity

Reviews have become highly influential in nearly every area of business.  When looking for a hotel last week, I was about to book a room but was swayed by a slew of negative reviews.  Bottom line:  we trust the advice of others.  

It's nice to know that there is a similar trend in the nonprofit world.  You have donated, volunteered, and supported many worthy causes.  Why not tell others about your experience?  The reality is, all charities are not pleasant to work with or great at thanking their donors.  Your words could help someone decide to which organization they will make their year-end contribution.

This month, Charity Navigator is asking you to do just that.  If you have been involved with a health or social justice-related charity, review them!  

And if you're not familiar with Charity Navigator, they've been rating charities for the past 10 years to help you make informed decisions about your giving.  Very cool.

- Nicole