Wrapping Up Women's History Month: What it Means to be a Woman Making History

March was Women’s History Month, and as we’ve celebrated the lives of phenomenal women such as Ida B. Wells, Eleanor Roosevelt and, Michelle Obama; we’re reflecting on what it means to be a woman making history.

In 2012, looking back on all of the things that women have accomplished is awesome.  Historically, women have often been treated and seen as second-class citizens in the political, professional, and educational world. The expectation of a woman, to some, was -- and still is in some places -- to simply take care of the family and tend to household duties.  Fortunately, phenomenal women decided that they could do all of this and more.

To be a woman who impacts the lives of her family and the lives of those who will come after her is noGuest blogger Jasmine Fields -- a trailblazer at Howard University easy task.  It requires many sleepless nights, a few tears, and a ton of patience.  However, the motivational saying that “anything worth having is worth fighting for” holds true. Imagine the feeling of accomplishment for Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean; the feeling of joy for Sandra Day O’Connor, the first female Supreme Court Justice; and the feeling of excitement for Elizabeth Blackwell, the first female physician. 

Generation Hope strives to impact the lives of young women who hold the potential to make history of their own. The month of March is not just another reminder of the heights that women have reached; it is a projection for the numerous triumphs women can look forward to.

Happy Women’s History Month From our Generation Hope family to yours.

-- Jasmine