Generation Hope Setting Trends

February 9th kicked off New York Fashion Week, and it reminded me that Generation Hope is truly a trend-setter.  No, I’m not talking about our stylish t-shirts (although they’re very cute and only $15!), I’m talking about our unique approach to bettering the D.C. community.

The big social problems – poverty, homelessness, hunger, etc. – can seem so enormous – particularly here in D.C. where the DC Fiscal Policy Institute reports that 1 in 5 residents are living at or below the poverty line.  We need organizations that provide basic, immediate needs so people can make it from one day to the next, such as homeless shelters and food banks.  But we also need an organization like Generation Hope that seeks to help our most vulnerable families achieve long-lasting stability through obtaining a higher education.  When a young mother gets her degree, she has a better chance of earning a good salary and providing her children with a stable home and food on the table.

It’s this unique approach that truly sets us apart, and I hope that our mission inspires others to think creatively about how to make lasting change.   And -- bringing this all back to fashion week -- we are also a pretty well-dressed bunch.

- Nicole