Changing Seasons: Hear from a Generation Hope Alumnus

Jordan and Jennifer at Jennifer's job during the summerA couple weeks ago, I was outside raking leaves in my front yard. I picked up a couple that truly reflected the beauty of the changing seasons. As I admired the colors of each leaf, I took in the fresh autumn breeze and thought back to the memories of the past year.

November is here, and the start of the holiday season is upon us. I feel like the past year has gone faster than the speed of light. I'm still trying to catch up! They say spring is the season of birth and new beginnings, but I must say that fall has brought new changes; a change of setting, routine, personal growth, and perspective.

Since graduating from The University of Maryland in May, I have been able to shift my focus to other meaningful things in my life. I was glad that for the first time in years, I had the summer all to myself with ZERO classes! Jordan and I celebrated his eighth birthday in style at a Washington Nationals baseball game. We spent days at the beach learning to catch waves and the evenings making bonfires with s’mores and tall tales. Soon the summer came to an end, and fall was right around the corner. 

It was time for school again, but this year was different. I wasn’t going back to my beloved campus anymore. As I read many of my friends' back to school tweets and statuses, I felt nostalgic. I was starting graduate school, but since I had now begun working full time, I was pursuing my masters degree through an online program. Quite the change from physically going to class every day! I'm working 40+ hours a week along with Jordan’s football practice three nights a week. Can you say, tired much?! Thanks to my daily commute back and forth to work on the metro, I started reading all of the books I had put aside while in school. To date, I have marked off 13 books on my list! In September, I had the experience of a lifetime and appeared alongside our Generation Hope CEO and Founder, Nicole Lynn Lewis, on the Steve Harvey Show. One word… AMAZING!!!

So that is life after college so far. It has been quite a change, but it's great. With a degree under my belt, I feel invincible, like the world is in the palm of my hand with grand opportunities surrounding me. There is nothing greater than feeling the security of being able to take care of your child and being stable in life. As Thanksgiving and the season of giving approaches, I want to say to all Generation Hope supporters, “thank you.” Thank you for believing in a cause that is opening doors for our Generation Hope family.  I have proudly surpassed the two percent, and now it's my turn to participate in the gift of giving. I have made a promise to myself that I will give back to the organization that gave hope to me, and I look forward to seeing every Scholar walk across that stage to receive their degree. 

-- Jennifer Ramirez, 2011 Scholar, The University of Maryland '12, mother to son Jordan