Discovering a World through Purposeful Play: 2012 Fall Field Trip to Port Discovery

Last month, Generation Hope hosted its 2012 fall field trip to Port Discovery Children’s Museum in Baltimore, Maryland.  Port Discovery's mission is to connect purposeful play and learning.  With three floors of highly interactive exhibits, that's exactly what our Scholar's children did - and how exhilarating it was!  It was the perfect cure to everyone's frustration from driving around in circles due to the unexpected traffic and blocked streets caused by a Marathon!

After walking through the doors to the museum, little eyes gleamed with excitement as they caught a glimpse of what the museum had to offer.  Making our way to the entrance, we were greeted by a massive urban tree house that stretched three stories high and granted access to every floor of the museum.  There was climbing, crawling and laughter shared by those big and small.  Some enjoyed shopping in a make-believe grocery store, while others filled a real car with gas using a real gas pump - using imaginary gas of course!

Once we had our fill of the first floor, we were off to discover the second and third floor. There was so much to do!  Reading, building, bouncing and painting, but wait, there was more!  Some went on a journey to Egypt and heard mysterious sounds in the tombs - meow! While others enjoyed face painting or singing oldies to their favorite tunes - this staff member shall remain nameless.  Our last stop was the fully equipped lifelike diner, where the children enthusiastically took orders, and fired up the stove in the kitchen.  The food appeared so authentic that everyone started to feel famished, so we knew it was time for lunch. 

When all was said and done, everyone had forgotten about the two hours it took to get there. Scholars received their much-needed wish list items, and the day was complete.  My little one slept all the way home, which in little-person language means, “Mommy, I had a great day.”

To see pictures from our trip to Port Discovery click here.

Each year, Generation Hope hosts two family-strengthening activities for our Scholars, their children, and their Sponsors.  These activities help our participants deepen their familial relationships and offer exposure to new experiences through a variety of field trips, fun activities, and gatherings.  If you are interested in sponsoring an activity or donating an experience package to our program please contact

- Kendria