We Love Mentoring!

I always tell people that Generation Hope is not a scholarship program simply because the financial support that we provide is not the most important part of our program.  The emotional support that each Scholar receives through the mentoring relationship with their Sponsors is what we believe to be most effective in helping them succeed.  We love mentoring, and since it's National Mentoring Month, we thought you might like to hear just how our program and its focus on mentoring is helping one of our Scholars to reach her goals. 

My name is Emerita Ayala, and I am a Generation Hope Scholar.  I attend NVCC in Annandale, Virginia.  My goal is to get a B.S. in Criminology, Law & Society at George Mason University.  I want to become an F.B.I. agent.
The fact that I'm a college student is very rewarding.  Each day that I attend college reassures me that I'm doing the right thing in obtaining an education.  I think about the day when I will sit back and say it was all worth it.
Dominic is my number-one priority.  All the work that I do is to improve our future.  Having three jobs, attending college, and caring for my family keeps me busy, but I know that all my hard work will pay off.
Being up against the negative statistics about teen moms is not easy, but proving them wrong is not impossible.  Knowing that I have people standing beside me cheering me on is wonderful.  Generation Hope has done exactly that.  My relationship with my Sponsor has grown tremendously over these past few months.  She guides and advises me in every way that she can.  She is truly a blessing.
When you make a donation to Generation Hope you are helping young mothers like myself strive for and believe in a better future.  You are a part of the Generation Hope team -- a team that not only helps me pay for a college education but also appreciates and recognizes my dedication to achieving my goals.


If you're considering becoming a mentor, and you're interested in our program, please click here to find out how to get started.  We'd love to have you.

- Nicole

PS:  Emerita and Generation Hope were recently featured in The Washington Post