Every Penny Counts! Set Up a Monthly Donation

See a penny.  Pick it up.  And save it to support Generation Hope!


Generation Hope Scholars and Sponsors have started their mentoring relationships and as the young mothers work toward their goals and aspirations, we can help them get there. An easy way to do this is to set up a monthly donation -- of any amount.


Keep in mind:


  1. Monthly donations do not have to be a big dollar amount.  Huge amounts will not be turned down, but really any help is needed. Whether it's $2 or $200, your donation is always welcomed and appreciated!
  2. Donations are tax deductible.  Since the money is going to a nonprofit organization, keeping track of how much you donate is important because this amount can be tax deductible when tax season comes around.
  3. The work we do is impossible without supporters like you.

Knowing that we can depend on at least $10 a month can really help Generation Hope in a BIG way. Consistency is what makes the impact in the long run.  We need all of the pennies we can get in the  Generation Hope jar!


To set up your monthly donation, click here!