Truly Celebrate Motherhood

This Sunday, millions of Americans will honor, remember, and celebrate their mothers -- or those who have served as mother figures in their lives.  Mother's Day is a great opportunity to think about the important role of mothers -- the part that they play in molding and shaping our country's future generations.

At Generation Hope we take this role very seriously.  And we understand that it isn't always easy.  It isn't always glamorous.  And it isn't always simple.  Teen mothers, and other mothers who don't necessarily fit the mold, often experience difficulties because of their situations and negative and harmful perceptions. 

A recent story about teen mothers being arrested for peacefully protesting the closure of the Catherine Ferguson Academy in Detroit sparked our attention.  According to the National Women's Law Center, the school for pregnant and parenting students serves 300 girls every year, has a graduation rate of 90 percent, and reports that every single graduate goes on to enroll in college.  Yet, budget cuts now threaten to close this vital resource to young mothers.

This Mother's Day, please truly show your commitment to mothers by supporting vital organizations and initiatives that seek to empower and assist mothers everywhere, Generation Hope included.

Happy Mother's Day!

- GH