Ending Sexual Violence on College Campuses

Sexual assault on college campuses is real.  According to the website, "in one year, more than 13% of college women indicated they had been stalked, 42% of those stalked were victimized by a boyfriend or ex-boyfriend."  Stalking can often lead to violent assaults, and rapes on college campuses often take place in relationship situations. 

It's so important that college students have access to information and support when an incident of violence occurs.  In addition, the Obama administration wants schools across the country to be proactive about preventing sexual violence in the first place.  For their guidance on this, click here.

Vice President Joe Biden recently talked to students and faculty at the University of New Hampshire about the White House's commitment to this issue.

"These are your friends, these are your classmates, the people you study with. You need to watch out for each other. You are the first—and best—line of defense…The more and more you bring attention to the issue, the less and less the behavior goes unnoticed, unreported and unpunished, and the more and more attitudes begin to change."  -- Vice President Joe Biden

At GH, we applaud these efforts in support of our nation's students, and we'd love to hear your thoughts about this initiative.

- GH