Welcome Our Newest Staff Member, Clare!

Working with great people is one in a long list of things that I love about Generation Hope.  We're so Clare is our new Finance & Quality Assurance Managerexcited to introduce you to our Finance & Quality Assurance Manager, Clare Jacocks!  In this role, Clare will oversee and manage Generation Hope's finances and will also ensure that we maintain accurate records, timely mailings, etc. 

Clare is a native of the Washington, D.C. Metro area and has worked for more than 10 years in a nonprofit environment -- from fundraising, volunteering, event planning, and a financial commitment to do what it takes to 'save a buck' -- all with a tremendous passion to support the mission.

At heart, Clare is an Accountant which satisfies her need for order at work. At home, she keeps busy with photography, gardening, and being a mom for her 16 year-old daughter.

Clare graduated from Old Dominion University with a B. S. in Business Administration, and a concentration in Finance. Additionally, as a single parent, Clare completed courses for an Accounting Certificate at Montgomery College.


Clare can be reached at

Please join us in welcoming her!