Homelessness and Teen Mothers: A Sad Reality

November is a month that deserves the full attention of the Generation Hope family. It's National Homeless Youth Awareness Month, and Generation Hope would like to increase awareness about homeless youth -- specifically those who are young mothers or young mothers to be.

A 2007
study done on homelessness and teen pregnancy found that as many as 20% of homeless young women become pregnant (Society for Social Work and Research, 2007). This did not account for the reported tenth of homeless girls who had been kicked out of their home or ran away from home due to an unaccepted pregnancy ( 
We encourage everyone to help fight homelessness and strive to eliminate it all together. Three easy ways to help this month and all year round are:  1) If you know of or see a young mother in need of help be aware of the nearest shelter in your area and get them there; 2) make donations to keep shelters and transitional homes for homeless mothers operating; and 3) always encourage families to stick together in the event of a teen pregnancy. 
For more in formation on the fight to end youth homelessness for parents and non-parents, please visit

Jasmine Fields, GH Volunteer and Howard University Student