Enchantment at the Farm: Scholar/Sponsor Field Trip


“Mommy Moo!”

A little voice shouted with excitement during Generation Hope’s first ever Scholar/Sponsor Field Trip to Clark Elioak Farm in Clarksville, Maryland on October 22nd.  Each year we plan two field trips to help strengthen the Scholar/Sponsor relationship while also giving the Scholars time to bond with their peers.  Managing the multiple roles of student, parent and employee can be stressful and demanding on one’s time and energy and doesn’t allow our Scholars to spend as much quality time as they would like with their children.  That’s why these field trips are so important.

It was a perfect day to be out on the farm!  The  first stop was the petting zoo to visit the pygmy goats where little hands stretched out to be the first to feed them.  Giggles and bursts of laughter followed as little palms were tickled by the baby goats that eagerly ate from the children’s hands.  During the guided tour we also saw the sheep, cows, a donkey and an emu.  Next we viewed the Enchanted Forest, which had lots of whimsical structures and figures that the kids loved to see and climb.  Then we were off on a hayride to the pumpkin patch where the children were able to stroll and pick out their very own pumpkin to take home!

After so much fun on the farm, everyone was hungry so we headed over to Pasta Blitz to chow down, leaving bellies both large and small nice and full with pizza, chicken fingers and french fries. It was great to see the Scholars and Sponsors interact once again since the August 27th training, and seeing the Scholars spending time with their children and the smiles on their faces was amazing.

Overall it was a great first outing that went perfectly with the theme of the season.  Looking forward to more Enchantment on the… I guess we’ll see where the spring takes us!


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