D.C. College Awareness Month

Double the Numbers (DTN) and D.C Public Schools recognize the month of October as College Awareness Month in D.C. This month is dedicated to presenting a number of college options to high school students to emphasize that high school graduation is not the end of education. This years theme is, "Early Preparation + Smart College Selection= College Success."  Generation Hope is in full support of College Awareness month and encourages all parents to take full advantage of any activities offered at your child's school.

"Increasing access to education is really about creating awareness.  Young people need to know that no matter what their circumstances are, if they want a college degree, they can get one,"says Generation Hope Founder and CEO Nicole Lewis. 

Being a young parent is not the end of an individual's education either.

Generation Hope has big plans in the works for increasing awareness among high school teen parents. The June Hope Conference will have a specific track for pregnant or parenting high school students to come and hear current Scholars' college experiences, guidance on the application process, and information on how to prepare.

Please join us in celebrating College Awareness Month this October and all year long.

- Jasmine Fields, GH Volunteer and Howard University Student